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Re: value of '84 4Kq?

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, Fluhr wrote:

> The owner is asking $2500.  He bought the car new, in Houston.  It has
> never been in an accident, no rust, ~115K miles.  It has a few door dings,
> which I would expect for this age car.  Mostly original white paint,
> although the hood was repainted, and the roof is somewhat worn due to the
> brutal Texas sun and 13 years of buffing and polishing.  The interior dash

I recently picked up a white 84 4000Q, 120,000 miles, PERFECT interior, 
(updated with '86 seats and wheel) Cracked dash, aftermarket 
am/fm/cassette New tires/brakes/exhaust Everything works well. Its tight 
and clean, has keyless remote entry and alarm etc etc...I paid $600.


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