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A Volvo V70 wagon spotted...(4WD??)

Hi guys,

On my way up to jury duty (sucks) this morning, spotted a V70 wagon - is that
the 4wd version? Or it just means wagon? Anyway, not too different from the
850 wagon....but I did see a 850 glt, which had *huge* brakes and calipers,
*much* bigger than the s4's - do I have to upgrade *everything* to euro-specs
over here?? I priced out the kit from Hoppen - it's in the $ 2600 range for
front only...(don't remember exact prices, but I'll have to wait a bit)

Dorab (nivi@aol.com)
1993 S4 (for sale in a week)
1992 S4 (*nice* handling)
1990 CQ (still my favorite Audi, with the S2 coupe)
1986 Caprice (still my favorite overall car for the US roads, think *torque*)