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Re: Euro bumper supports

> Does anyone have or know where I can get the European style bumper
> supports for an 83 Coupe GT?  OR
> Does anyone have a trick to tucking the US bumpers in close to the body? 

It is a fairly simple job.
First notice that the European Coupe GT does not have any 
of the mouldings that cover the gap between the bumper and the body.  
Since the Euro bumpers are so close to the body the moldings are not 
You will have to remove them.
Next step is to remove the bumper from the car by unbolting the 
bumpers shock absorbers from the body (three nuts).  Do not forget to 
remove the wires that run to the turn signals.
Once the bumper is removed seperate the front plastic cover from the 
aluminum part of the bumper.  You will see lots of steel clips on the 
inside of the bumper holding the plastic cover to the bumper.
Remove the clips and save for future use.
Now you have gained the access to the bumper shock bolts (two) securing it 
to the bumper.  Remove the shock from the bumper.
You will notice that the cylindrical part has a piston rod sticking 
out of it and there is a nut on the end of it.
Remove the nut and spin the body of the shock's tube from the piston 
Now you can cut the rod and slide the tube back on.
To secuse it in such a position just drill a hole through both the 
tube and the shock's wall and install a screw to prevent the tube from 
sliding off the shock.
To know the exact spot to drill you have to install the tube on the 
car and the shock on the bumper.  Slide the bumper on untill you are 
happy with the body to bumper gap.  Inscribe a mark on the shock. 
Slide the bumper off, remove the tube.  Slide the tube on the shock 
untill it matches the mark on the shock and drill. 

If you want my advice, the best way to go is to find a set of 1984 
4000/Coupe bumpers.  Becouse they are the 5 instead of 7mph bumpers 
they are thinner and lighter and painted black from the factory.
They really give the Euro look (BTDT).
You have to remember that the bumpers have lost most of their purpose 
and you wont be able to push things like stranded friends or illegaly 
parked cars that are in your way.  Just joking.  Those bumpers are 
really overbuilt.

> The boys want to Europeanize their coupe gt and de-americanize the
> bumpers.......we've done it on the old Capri using the Euro bumper
> supports as were on the 72 Capri, but don't know where to get such for
> the Audi.....any help would be appreciated.
Martin Pajak

1982 Coupe (443,000 km)
1984 4000s quattro (320,000 km under the wrench)
1970 Porsche 911E Targa (also under the wrench)

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