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Fwd: Audi hater....(dont get too mad)

ok guys this will piss you off....but dont get too mad...i jsut felt like 
sending it out to some people who know better than i do about this stuff 
so that you could help me.  This is a letter that that friend, Ross, sent 
to my other friend...anyway...Ross is that really stubborn one and 
apparently he dislikes Audi as seen in this letter.  So if you guys can 
help me out here i would appreciate it...thanks

>The reason only Audi was the only German contender at Paris Dakar was that
>most German car marques are to high class to go "off-roading".  Would you
>agree that it would be white trash to take a 911 tubro off roading, even
>though it has all wheel drive?  Audi can do races like that because that
>is their reputation even in Germany.  Ask your mom or cousins in
>Deutschland about Audi's reputation there.  Who drives them?  Yeah, they
>are good for driving in the snow, but as far as true high speed driving
>and racing...well they just aren't there.  How many Audi's do you see on
>the Autobahns?  Not as many as one like Mike would expect.  A vast
>majority of Audi's cannot handle the high speed driving encountered on the
>Autobahn.  No Audi engine can stand LeMans, or Sebring.  That is proven by
>fact, not opinion.  Also, I have much more respect for a company that
>designs its own products than one that "shares" or shall I say steal its
>technology from other companies.  BMW is very independent.  Audi on the
>other hand has to "share" in order to innovate.  That is not true
>Deutscher engineering.  And Chris what is the realtionship of PO-SHA and
>SEAT (or COUCH if you like).  Ask Dan about the several SEAT's that we saw
>with the "Porsche-Seat" sticker on the side skirts.
>My list of the top Deutscher marques for Luxury (in reference to the
>overall line of cars).
>1. Mercedes (traditionally and continually)
>2. BMW (750iL is a perfect example of what true luxury is)
>3. Audi
>4. Porsche (only because the ride is considered "to stiff" by some)
>My list for the top Deutscher marques for Performance (also, in reference
>to the overall line of cars).
>1. Porsche (no contest)
>2. BMW (maybe not as good, but handles like a Porsche)
>3. Mercedes (geared more for a luxurious ride than for speed and handling,
>but very close to BMW)
>4. Audi (sorry, 1.8 turbos aren't shit compared to a normally asperated
>high compression I-6 or V-8, 12)
>The NEW 911 GTR is $925,000.  Finally a car along the lines of McLaren.
>30 will be sold and 10 have already been paid for.  It will be very
>interesting to see the stats of this car!
>About the movie...
>What is the plot?
>Who will act?
>Will the computer be ready?
>Auf Weidersehen und freude am fahren!
>Ross Ferrari

----------------- End Forwarded Message -----------------

Mike Williams
85 Coupe GT