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Audi's for sale, dream alongwith me

i found these listings on the internet:

1983 Audi quattro coupe turbo Mars red, cloth interior, 79k mls. Right 
hand drive imported
to NZ 1987. An excellent car . Gareth, New Zealand, Phone: +64 9 309 
4794, FAX: +64 9 309
4793, Email: city.lights@clear.net.nz, Ad #1460738295


1985 Audi Quattro Turbo Coupe Race Car North American champion in 
1990-1992 1985
Quattro Coupe (prepared) with Audi Sport parts (Pro-Rally), long wheel 
base. Lehmann engine -
440 H.P. with large turbo - with small turbo little less H.P. Many spare 
parts Price: $50,000 U.S. with spares - firm. Bruno Kreibich, NY, USA, 
Phone: 718-366-1460, FAX: 914-699-8213, Email:kainos@ix.netcom.com, Ad 

1985 Audi Quattro Turbo Coupe Race Car Factory Sport Short Quattro (ex. 
Mutoun) with fresh engine (500 H.P.). Price: $60,000 U.S. - firm. Bruno 
Kreibich, NY, USA, Phone:718-366-1460, FAX: 914-699-8213, Email: 
kainos@ix.netcom.com, Ad #1145943387

1986 Audi 5000 turbo quattro Audi Treser Super 5000, Unusual car, many 
factory mods    142.5K, 2 sets wheels, body fair, drivetrain exc. cond., 
5 sp, lthr seats, can drive anywhere. Ben Baldridge, PA, USA, Phone: 
215-996-2426, FAX: 215-247-2398, Email: bbaldrid@tes.tracor.com, Ad 



1989 Audi Coupe GTS Originally a German car made in 84 shipped 85 and has 
been fully
converted to 89spec. 4wheel disc brakes, over size rotors + calipers, 2.2 
liter blockthat is clean, no factory block stampings! High output semi 
mechanical feul injection system. Shaved head, stainless valves, digital 
climate control from late mod. Audi5000, Porche 5spd, car is fully 
loaded, minus sunroof, original metalic blue paint, no rust. Extra 
2.8litre 20valve turbo  280hp+ available. Asking $5,500U.S. J. Renfrew, 
BC, Canada, Phone: (250)-744-4687, Email: Renfrewj@octonet.com, Ad 


Mike Williams
85 Coupe GT