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Re: quattro-digest V4 #630

re: 5000CST running cool
	My 1987 generally runs between the first and mid markers. On
occasion, I will go above the mid marker on a warn day or during a lot of
stop and go driving.  One long hill here in western Pennsylvania, would
always send it over the mid mark to he point that I became concered of 
a head gasket leak.  What was most unusual was if I took off the
radiator cap, Iwould hear a boil water sound at approximately where
the top hose connects to the block.  I had my mechanic use his sensor 
to check  for any gas leaks into the radiator system.  No leaks found! I
had forgotten this experience for the long hill is not a regular route.
If anyone has experienced anything comparable, I would appreciate any
insights.  George Kotjarapoglus    jkot@pitt.edu