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Fuel Injection questions

Phil and Orin,

When I took apart my warm up regulator to fine tune
 the control pressure when cold I noticed that 
there is indeed a reference chamber inside
that is used to tweak the control pressure at different

The "Bosch Fuel injection and Engine Management"
 book by Charles Probst has a cut-away view showing
 this type of warm up regulator. In this book he states

"Altitude compensation is provided by an aneroid
chamber at the bottom of the regulator. This chamber
expands as teh air gets thinner at higher altitudes;
this in turn acts on the control pressure valve to increase
control pressure and lean the mixture."
Scott M.

Orin said
> > Altitude compensation?
Phil said
>> That would require it to have a reference standard - a reservoir of
>> gas at sea level atmospheric pressure.  Can't see one.