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Fuel Injection questions

In message <335B63B8.106C@prodigy.net> scottmo writes:

> When I took apart my warm up regulator to fine tune
>  the control pressure when cold I noticed that
> there is indeed a reference chamber inside
> that is used to tweak the control pressure at different
> altitudes.

You don't need to take mine apart - you can see the aneroid membrane
from underneath.

> The "Bosch Fuel injection and Engine Management"
>  book by Charles Probst has a cut-away view showing
>  this type of warm up regulator. In this book he states
> "Altitude compensation is provided by an aneroid
> chamber at the bottom of the regulator. This chamber
> expands as the air gets thinner at higher altitudes;
> this in turn acts on the control pressure valve to increase
> control pressure and lean the mixture."

Yup.  Mine is the type pictured in Fig. 5-4 on page 16 of Chapter 6.

Gently wondering - increasing vacuum to the separate pressure
regulator cuts control pressure a little, but system pressure a _LOT_.

This seems an unfortunate effect at high load.  What I might try this
evening is disconnecting the air mass sensor to pressure regulator
hose at the air mass sensor end, and just let it dangle.  Then I'll
run a second hose from the air mass sensor to the warm-up regulator,
using the vacuum enrichment port currently covered by the dust-cap.

This should demonstrate, at least, whether my problem really _is_ a
lack of enrichment under load.

 Phil Payne
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