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Re: Removing badges -Reply

There is an even less destructive way to remove those badges.  Yes, heat them
up... but don't pry... use dental floss and liquid soap to 'saw' through the
tape.  Wrap floss around an old pencil or dowel so as not to cause gangrene in
the old phalanges.  Clean up tape residue with Prep-Sol or your favorite

Regards,  Gross Scruggs
"Never mind world peace... just visualize using your turn signals!"

>>> Trisha Blethen <trishab@interwebb.com> 04/21/97 08:28am >>>
Phil Payne wrote:
>  > In message <v01530508af8109ef4b01@[]> tnas@euronet.nl (Tom Nas)
>  > > >Hey, was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the Audi logo on the
> > >rear-end of the car located on the trunk.  I am wanting to re-paint mine
> > >black again.  Years of sun and wax build-up around the lettering don't
> > >look to pleasing to me.  I guess it's just from the good-old sun here in
> > >Florida.  Any suggestions would be great!
> >
> > It's in the archives, but: use a hair dryer or paint stripper on 'low'
> > setting: these things are stuck on with double-sided tape. Caveat: use
> > gloves for taking them off after heating- BTDTburnt my fingers.
>  > I just wrapped a steel rule in a very soft cloth and gently lifted the
> with an old wood chisel using the rule as a fulcrum.  Just exert some force
> wait - they come away very slowly.  Patience is a virtue.
However, that's a good way of chipping the paint, if you make a mistake.  The
hairdryer is the excepted method at lettering houses as well.