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4 pot brakes

I have a chance to buy four brake calipers from a 1987 or 1988 5Ks which is
being parted out. These are the twin caliper front plus 39mm piston rear

My 86 5Ks has single piston calipers in front and 36mm piston calipers rear.
This car is not used for racing or rallying, etc - just street and highway,
driven gently. I think I'd like the (assumed) extra margin of safety from
better (?) brakes.

Is this a worthwhile conversion, or only a marginal improvement? What
incredible, costly problems might I encounter? (After all, is IS an Audi . . . )

What else might I need to do this conversion? The master cyl in my car is
new, so I'd hate to replace it (again) - are the brake discs 86 vs 88 the
same? Do I need the proportioning valve as well?


Best Regards,

Mike Arman