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exhausting questions

Hello all-

I'm recently new to this list, and have already gained much insight (and
excitement) from all of you.  I own a 1983 5000 Turbo (non-q) that I love very
much.  Unfortunately, a few weekends ago, I got rear ended, causing a little
cosmetic damage to the bumper and related trim pieces, but causing major damage
to the <1 month old Bosal exhaust system that I had installed.  I would like to
know if anyone out there has any opinion on a good brand of exhaust (aluminized,
not stainless), and where to purchase one.  I was not too impressed with the
Bosal- it was supposed to be aluminized, but began to rust almost immediately.
I am looking for the system from the cat back. Thanks in advance! (Notice lack
of exclusive acronyms)

->Charley DePenning
->'83 5kT  <-sleepermobile