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Re: Strut Insert for 200 TQ

the strut inserts you listed are for the turbo, but maybe not for
the quattro model. I checked the package of the rear boge struts I put
on my 5KCST some time ago, they are 443 513 031 and did fit WITHOUT
any drilling. The label on the box states all 5000/200 after '78 except quattro

For the list,
on a related note, the front struts on my 5KCST were also replaced with
443 413 031 F boge struts, again it states for 5000/200 after '84 except quattro
however when I checked the front inserts on my 200Q they ARE 443 413 031 Fs
My question, did a previous owner put in wrong strut inserts (they had
the 0000/VW on it however), or is the label on the boge struts too conservative?
Anybody with a parts list out there?
- Hans

'86 5KCST
'89 200Q

> I've had a loud squeek in the rear of my 1990 200 TQ for the past
> several months.  I suspected it was strut related, so I called several
> vendors and found one that would sell me Boge strut inserts for $74.95
> each.  This didn't seem like a bad price so I ordered them.
> Unfortunately this afternoon when I tried to install them, I find 
> that they are slightly different than the OEMs in the car.  The new
> ones, Boge part number 32115F are about 1/2 inch shorter, have a longer
> reduced diameter portion of the shaft, and the threaded portion of the
> shaft is apporximately 0.07 inches greater in diameter.  This means that
> to use them, assuming the length won't be a problem, I would need to
> drill out the washer, the cap, and the spacer.  I would probably need to
> use a longer spacer also.  My question is, has anyone replaced the rear
> strut inserts and should there be a kit included that replaces the
> washer, spacer, etc.? On the positive side, I did seem to get rid of the
> squeek by cleaning everything, but the inserts are definitely weak.  
> I do remember reading somewhere in the archives that there are not any
> gas inserts available for the rear of the 200 TQ.  These inserts are
> gas.  The vendor,however, says that the 32115F is the replacement for
> the Audi part No. 443 513 031B and that they fit the 1990 200 TQ.  My
> catalog from IPC says that I need Audi part No. 443 513 031L.
> Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?  Should I drill out the parts and
> try the new inserts?  Also I apologize if the line spacing is all messed
> up on this message.  I
> just set up an Internet account at home and haven't fully configured the
> program.
> Thanks,
> Fred