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Re: Differences, 84-87 4000Q's

Okay, here goes to the best of my knowledge, so I'm probably wrong on all

84 had a different locking differential mechanisim than 85,86,and 87.  Other
than a complete redesign for 85, the car remained unchanged (c:

85 introduced the new body but retained the S badging.  For 1986, audi ran a
limited edition of the cars, both Coupe and 4000Quattro, with white wheels,
red leather in the coupe Case and black cloth in the quattro case (there were
other interiors, these are prominant.)  However, Audi deemed it neccesary to
add a C to all the quattros (except the rare One TQC.)  This continued into
87, although there were technically no changes between the CS and the S.  The
S was no longer available in 1986.  There are some who claim that there are
1987 4000 Quattros with the 2.3 motor (15 more hp).  and different badging.
 This claim, however, is unsubtanciated by both Audi and all literature I
have seen pertaining to the topic, and I did research!!  But I degress.

Carter Johnson
86 4000CS quattro
86 Coupe GT
86 GTI