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'88 80 w/ 200 turbo motor?

I'm a new member and a potential future Quattro owner.
I snowboard every weekend and am looking for an 80 or 90 Quattro to make
the trip more enjoyable than my CRX Honda. (The Europa is out of the

Does someone have experience with transplanting a 200 turbo motor into the
lighter weight 80 or 90? I would really enjoy a project like this. I
calculate that with minor engine mods, I'll have a power to weight ratio
similar to my Lotus.

My big questions are?

Will the motor fit? (turbo manifold, intake manifold, intercooler, etc.)

Will the drivetrain handle the horsepower? (I'm easy on clutches!)

Will I need to do major wiring surgery, or can I use everything (computer,
harness, etc.) from the 200?

Are engine swap mods still smog legal in California? (I did one years ago
by putting a 2.0 motor in an early 914 Porsche...Took 1 trip to the Smog
Referee and I had certification). I won't consider the project if I will
need to pull the motor every 2 years for the inspection.

I'm obviously in the concept stage, and would appreciate any info from Audi
experienced people before I start committing myself. I am not afraid of
major mods and have engine and gearbox rebuilding experience and can MIG /
TIG weld.

Thanks everyone...I enjoy the reading and info.

David Close

Dave Close
PrepSAT-San Leandro