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Greg Cirillo problem (hopefully) solved

     Thanks to whoever posted the firm name & address of our friend Greg 
     Cirillo, author of the annoying "seems interesting to me" spams.  It 
     so happens I have a friend who works at that firm, and she has agreed 
     to have a heart-to-heart with the systems people there to take care of 
     the problem.  With any luck it will be solved in the next hour or two.
     If the guy's e-mails to the list continue, I will contact the SysAdmin 
     directly and deal with it.  To all those listers in the DC area who 
     intend to show up at the firm's doorstep with brass knuckles and 
     molotov cocktails (including you, Monetti!), I think you'll be 
     disappointed.  Greg Cirillo apparently left the firm a couple days 
     ago, which may be why he hasn't repsonded to our various polite (?) 
     rebukes.  Incidentally, according to my friend, he does own an Audi:  
     "a nice shiny red one."  Guess we ain't all perfect.