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RE: Greg Cirillo problem (hopefully) solved

>     Thanks to whoever posted the firm name & address of our friend Greg 
>     Cirillo, author of the annoying "seems interesting to me" spams.  It 
>     so happens I have a friend who works at that firm, and she has agreed 
>     to have a heart-to-heart with the systems people there to take care of 
>     the problem.  With any luck it will be solved in the next hour or two.

That was me, and I got a note from Greg.  He was most apologetic (I think
the SysAdmin put the filter in after he left).

He offered his 90q up for ritualistic sacrifice to appease the Audi gods,
which I thought a little extreme.  I reminded him that the list (sounds
funny when you say it this way, kind of like "the Collective") forgives as
quickly as it condemns.

I am right, aren't I?  A goof that he had no control over.  We've seen (and
forgiven) worse.

Anyway, it's all done.  We can go back to our normal programming.

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