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re: 94 90csq Wiring: rear speakers

"Peter Grul" <pgrul.wcs5@Veda.com> wrote:

Before the rear speakers were rewired, I also had trouble with them
cutting out, usually right after a bump. Like yours, a quick rap got
them back on. The dealer attempted to fix this by replacing the
speakers, but it didn't help.

Seems rear non-Bose speakers cutting out/on-with-a-bang problem is
common in 93-95 90 - did bypassing Amp correct problem? FYI, the rear
Nokia woofer is attached to an aluminum housing where the amp sits on a
3x5 ish PCB.  The woofer magnet is about 2-3 mm away from the amp's
transformer.  Getting the door panel off/on is no problem thanks to
excellent instructions from fellow Q-lister (see 3/20 archive)

I've decided to keep the current rear set-up and purchased Boston
Acoustics 4 inch coaxials for the front dash to satiate my audio upgrade
urge - for now.