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Re: Quattro takes on a Humvee - and wins.

In a message dated 97-04-23 04:01:27 EDT, you write:

<< I saw an interesting sight about 3 weeks ago.  I saw a Hummer and a Land
 stuck in a mud bog.  It appeared that the Hummer got stuck 1st and the Land 
 Rover got stuck trying to pull it out.  Whats funny is that I thought that 
 these were the ultimate off-road machines.  I don't know what pulled them
 but it must have been very large. >>

I don't like defending 16's ( that's 4x4 ) but if they are not driven to the
point of 
being stuck... they are not being driven. The rest of the magic of the 16 (
4x4 )
experience is to crawl knee deep through the mud and attach a tree or tall
mountain or something to the winch on the front brush bar, climb in the cab
and hit the button and pull yourself out of the murk. If you enjoy that sort
of bizare pleasure it is apparenlty the true afterglow of 16 ( 4x4 )

Vince Lyons