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In message <v02140b02af83140bcf1d@[]> firkins@eis.net.au (John Firkins) writes:

> Thanks for the recommendation.  They seem to be very friendly, and the
> price for a wing was less than half that of Quattrosports.

> However, they also seem to be technologically challenged! ...


> All in all its been a frustrating experience. I'm a  pretty patient person,
> however, I was going to have the wing included with a shipment of
> veterinary goods that a business associate is flying out. Now, after
> holding up the shipment for a week, it looks like all I've done is
> embarrass myself.

> I can think of quite a few listmembers who would not hesitate to slam them
> on the list, which would be a pity both for the list (assuming that Sanburn
> gets their act together) & sanburn will miss out.

Well, I think it's worth a note to the list ...
Yeah - Sanburn are more than a bit chaotic.  The place consists of seven or 
eight large dark sheds, a phone, a fax machine and pure distilled chaos.
Although it's quite small (there are only a dozen or so cars being broken on 
site at any one time) it's full of frenetic activity with people rushing to and 
fro serving callers.  They have about three people who deal with customers, and 
about a dozen people stripping cars.  Unlike most places around here that 
simply stack cars on a lot and pull bits when required, Sanburn actually strip 
for stock and keep the parts in a couple of big warehouse sheds under dim 
flourescent light. 
In person, they're as helpful and pleasant as you can imagine.  But my 
experience is much the same as yours - I called them to ask how much they 
wanted for the MAC12 ECU that I _know_ they have on a shelf, and two days later 
they haven't called back.  They're not in that class that takes your money and 
rips you off, but they're not a very professional service organisation either.

In the direst of emergencies, they're only twenty minutes from here by road and 
I pass their gates around once a week.  I'll probably be passing next on 
Thursday next week.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club