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86 C-GT H2Opump leakage and head warpage?

Paul Heneghan wrote:
> . . .  .  If you lose all the coolant, then you will have a head
> warp problem - this will expose the fact that half your exhaust manifold
> studs are broken (or will break when manifold is removed) etc.

	Will the head warp EVEN if the oil temp does NOT rise above the normal
level. My pump started to go without my knowledge, and I just thought
the coolant was low causing the gauge to flash. When I finally did
notice the leaking fluid and opened the hood, I found an empty expansion
tank, but it took only one and maybe another one-quarter(1 1/4)
anti-freeze jugs of fluid to raise the level back to normal. The car had
been running for maybe a half an hour with the fluid level low, but the
oil temp gauge never rose at all(not one LED light-I kept an eye on it).
With that knowledge, do you think my head was damaged?!?

> I know it's a pain in the neck to do, but you need to grasp the nettle and
> do it sooner rather than later.  It's all routine stuff apart from removing
> crank nut - I can't remember if you need to do this to get at the pump - I
> think you do (I have tool 2084 if you want to borrow it - it's heavy, so
> postage might be expensive).

	Is that tool all that is really neccessary to purchase outside of the
usual wrenches and sockets? I need to change my timing belt also. I know
there is a huge amount of info in the archives(especially recent ones)
on this, so I don't need any extensive answers. I more worried about
whether my head warped or not under the conditions it was exposed to and
if there is an easy way to find out.
> PERFECT???!!! - you must be joking - all Audi's have at least three faults
> outstanding - if you ever try to bring it down to two, then the Audi Gods
> will smite you by causing your wife to skid on the ice and hit a Costwold
> stone wall (BTDT).

	Humorous, and quite true also, unless you don't have a wife. ;-) Thanks
to all....
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