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Re: '82 100 2.2i final problems (i hope!

From: Mike Walder <miwa@premier.co.uk>

>1 - Knackered bearing type noise from (i'm told when cambelt was changed)
>water pump.  Q - what will happed if this goes completely.

On my 80q (2144cc), the pump failed in a strange way.  Sometimes it would 
leak quite a lot (puddle under car after being left for an hour or so), 
sometimes it wouldn't leak at all.  After being on this list for a couple of 
years, I have become a little paranoid about this part of the engine - every 
month some unfortunate lister has a tail about broken cam belts, valves 
meeting pistons etc.  If you lose all the coolant, then you will have a head 
warp problem - this will expose the fact that half your exhaust manifold 
studs are broken (or will break when manifold is removed) etc.

I know it's a pain in the neck to do, but you need to grasp the nettle and 
do it sooner rather than later.  It's all routine stuff apart from removing 
crank nut - I can't remember if you need to do this to get at the pump - I 
think you do (I have tool 2084 if you want to borrow it - it's heavy, so 
postage might be expensive).

>2 - O/S external Door catch inoperable (beleive common).  Is this an easy
>and cheap fix?  Should I forget about it, and carry on opening the door 
>the inside.

Get one from a scrap yard - lubricate it (and the other three while you're 
at it - that's the most common cause of failure).

>Also, how easy are the lock barrels to change, mine can be
>opened with a (carefully sculptured) paper clip!

I've been told it's very easy - I need to do it also some day.

>3 - Fuel guage erratic.  Usually reads nothing, sometimes correct level,
>otherwise somewhere in between.  Does this sound electrical, or is it more
>likely to be mechanical, i.e. delve into the tank time.

Undo all connections, spray with WD40 or similar and reconnect - if there 
are still problems, then you probably need a new sender.

>Any help to perfect this Audi will be greatly appreciated.

PERFECT???!!! - you must be joking - all Audi's have at least three faults 
outstanding - if you ever try to bring it down to two, then the Audi Gods 
will smite you by causing your wife to skid on the ice and hit a Costwold 
stone wall (BTDT).

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant (replacing 1983 Audi 100 Avant written off by collision 
with wall)