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Cleaning ISV - suggestions please

Hello chaps (and chapesses).

I think I need to clean my ISV.  The symptoms are that if you take your foot 
off the accelerator, the idle speed sometimes drops below 500rpm and then 
staggers back to 800; sometimes the engine cuts out completely.

I've seen various people mention cleaning the ISV recently.  How is it done 
 - toothbrush, immersion, dismantling?

What fluid should I use:  petrol, turpentine, carb. cleaner, engine cleaner?

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant

p.s. I just read an article in a British VW/Audi magazine about a 1984 Coupe 
with 300k miles on original engine (10kmiles oil flushes and changes).  Car 
is still in as-new condition - only major job has been replacement of seat 
coverings and associated trim.  The running cost have been calculated to be 
about 10p per mile (USD0.15)!