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Re: Spark Plugs

> Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:
> > 
> > See the new article by Ned Ritchie in Quattro Quarterly
> > SHORT ANSWER FOR YOU: 3 prongs...spend the pennies

> OK, here's one for you spark plug/turbo gurus (I don't qualify, I've got
> 10 spark plugs, but no turbo! . . . yet)

> I thought I remembered a while back that the net wisdom was to run the
> $20/ea. Bosch Silbers rather than the $4/ea. Bosch Tri-electrodes if you
> were in any sort of higher than stock boost application.

> Has the concensus changed, or has the current discussion not been
> delving into the aspects of high boost applications?

Well, I had Autolite Platinums in my 5kCSQ for a year then switched to
the NGK 3-prong.  Can't tell any difference other than the $14 dent in
my wallet for the NGKs.

I concur on not using the Bosch Platinums which have the very thin platinum
center electrode.