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Re: Spark Plugs...now true confessions

>      I disagree big time here with all due respect.  I will now publicly
> admit
> that I once used the Autolite Platinums in my old 5000S FWD...they were
> absolute
> crap compared to the 3 prong Bosch.  I drive probably 90-95% highway miles
> and
> I have regularly pulled plugs at 30K miles with no more than .3 -.5mm max
> increase
> in gap with the Bosch in both the old I5 10v and now the 20v.
>      The Autolites suffered SEVERE meltdown...I pulled the Autolites and
> found
> that the gap had DOUBLED!  I was embarrased to say the least that they had
> gotten
> so bad.  I might add that this increase occured at less than half the
> warranty
> period for the plug...YIPES.  Never again!

I had about 15k on the Autolites.  The gap was still within the .1mm
tolerance...  I was surprised, I'd expected them to be as you described.