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RE: Spark Plugs...now true confessions

Orin said:

>>>Well, I had Autolite Platinums in my 5kCSQ for a year then switched to
>>>the NGK 3-prong.  Can't tell any difference other than the $14 dent in
>>>my wallet for the NGKs.

>>>I concur on not using the Bosch Platinums which have the very thin
platinum >>>center electrode.

Hi Folks,

     I disagree big time here with all due respect.  I will now publicly
that I once used the Autolite Platinums in my old 5000S FWD...they were
crap compared to the 3 prong Bosch.  I drive probably 90-95% highway miles
I have regularly pulled plugs at 30K miles with no more than .3 -.5mm max
in gap with the Bosch in both the old I5 10v and now the 20v.
     The Autolites suffered SEVERE meltdown...I pulled the Autolites and
that the gap had DOUBLED!  I was embarrased to say the least that they had
so bad.  I might add that this increase occured at less than half the
period for the plug...YIPES.  Never again!
     As far as the NGKs go....I'll save 'em for the Honda I'm going to buy
after my lobotomy! :-)
     I'll say "Hi" to the boys in PA as I'll be in Nazareth at the BOSCH
PLUG Grand Prix this weekend.....YIPPEE!

Paul Royal