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4000 Questions

Wendell Gurley
04/24/97 08:06 AM

Don't know about question #1, but question #2 is because you need to add
some coolant to the reservoir.  If the level is slightly low, when turning
you'll get a low fluid signal.

>>From: Rusty Rae <rrae@cotl.com>
>Subject: yet more questions about 87 4000cs quattro
>Question #1
>okay when I put the key in the car and open the door, i get no door
>dinger, further checking revealed that the relay had been removed. I
>looked in my parts bin and found a relay that would fit but has one
>extra termanal peg, Can I just clip that termainal peg?? or sould I find
>one that fits perfect.
>Question #2
 >When I put the key in and turn it to the first setting the coolant temp
>light flashes, the car never heats up, but when I take a turn fast and
>hard the light blinks? Why would it do this???
>Thanks in advance