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89' 80q for sale

 The time has come in my life where I must part with something I love and 
admire dearly. It is a most unfortunate event, however, it is something I 
must do in order to finish paying my way through school. I purchased the 
car in January from the friend of a friend. He is a q-digest member who 
decided to replace the 80q with a beautiful, silver 90' 90q. The 80 has 
never had any problems other than the right, rear door lock, and has been 
fanatically maintained. When I purchased it, there were 113k miles on the 
odometer. After 6k enjoyable, mainly highway miles, the car now has a 
bit over 120k on the odometer. At 118k, I replaced all of the belts 
including timing, as well as the water pump. Here's some more info on it:
Black exterior: good shape,  not great. No dents, just many 
surface scratces & few minor dings. Cleans up very well.
Interior: Excellent! Never smoked in, no wear or tears. 
Mechanically: Excellent. Always had regular service, needs nothing!
Tires: 4 Season Continentals w/ less then 10k. They've been very 
enjoyable tires. Why are people always pickin-on-em???
What else? 5speed tranny, cruise control, power windows/sunroof, diff 
lock that works, factory stereo. I think I've covered most of the bases.
The car and myself are in Virginia. I finish school around the beginning 
of may and don't start summer classes until the middle of that month. 
Could possibly deliver to U.S mainland. I think a very price for this car 
is $6500. May accept partial trade of 4k, 5k,  or coupe GT.