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Light humor and news flash

 Every time I drive my 4kq at night, I think about the bazillion threads on 
 light upgrades and wonder if I'll ever do it.  The amazing thing is that when 
 I first got the 4kq back in '83, it had the brightest lights of any car I'd 
 ever driven!  So just be glad you're not still driving an Audi Fox.  (I sure 
 >Not that this means anything, but the V8 fits in the 4000 engine bay without
 >too many "major" mods.  So perhaps the V8 could find it's way into an A4,
 >with the right amount of money, anything is possible
 Thanks for that info.  My wife's car (mini-van) was hit and she is currently 
 driving my V8.  Given that her car seems to have an invisible bulls-eye on it, 
 I've been worried that I just might get the opportunity to put a V8 into my 
 4kq and was thinking of asking that very question!
 Finally, because my wife is pregnant, when her car was hit, they insisted upon 
 taking her to the hospital to do an ultrasound to check on the baby.  I drove 
 to the hospital (she was fine) and watched the ultrasound.  So cool!  Fuzzy 
 blobs that for a brief instant appeared as a little baby with a head, body, 
 arms and tiny fingers, and legs moving a mile a minute, like (s)he was riding 
 an invisible bicycle.  Then the fuzzy blob dissappeared an reappeared 
 elsewhere on the screen, then back and forth from one side to the other, then 
 both at once.  Now I'm slightly confused.  "Are there two?", I ask.  "So far", 
 says the radiologist, whose people skills left something to be desired.  They 
 didn't find any more, thank heavens, and my wife and I are having twins.
 Jack Rich
 90 V8Q
 88 Corvette convertible
 84 4kq
 76 Fox (sold and rusted away, in no particular order)
 75 Fox (hit by teenagers running a stop sign)
 71 100LS (hit by an elderly couple running a stop sign)