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Splitting ze Sprakzzzzz

>> Let me just say.  When I was racing the Paul Rossi Screaming Eagles
>> (Talons that would be) Our MAJOR sponser was Splitfire, They gave us
>> LOT's of money (And all the plugs we wanted) to run their plugs and paint
>> in/on our cars.....  You wanna know what plug we really used?  The Bosch
>> Platin's, the nice expensive S4 app.. The Splitfires caused all sorts of
>> problems....  the splitfires are pretty crappy plugs, you could get the
>> same (Crappy) results by taking a pair of dikes and splitting the
>> electrode of any plug.

>Interesting....we didn't find that problem at all.....could it have had
>something to do with the way the engine was tuned? 

Just FWIW, I have a friend who is a mechanical engineer and has
built a very 'tricked' out (+300hp) 1984 Mustang SVO (hey, not
everyone is perfect).  ;)   My friend decided to try out a set of
Splitfires only to have the car run poorly (an understatement).  It
seemed that in order for him to run with the splitfires he'd have
to back the timing off a bit.  He also made his own 'splits' as
Eric posted and they actually worked better than the Splitfires he
had installed.  In short, the Splits might be good in NA cars, but
I've heard more than a few people saying that they don't belong in
a turbo car (let alone a mod'd turbo car).

Just my .02   ;)


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