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Re: Splitting ze Sprakzzzzz

Darin Nederhoff wrote:
> >> Let me just say.  When I was racing the Paul Rossi Screaming Eagles
> >> (Talons that would be) Our MAJOR sponser was Splitfire, They gave us
> >> LOT's of money (And all the plugs we wanted) to run their plugs and paint
> >> in/on our cars.....  You wanna know what plug we really used?  The Bosch
> >> Platin's, the nice expensive S4 app.. The Splitfires caused all sorts of
> >> problems....  the splitfires are pretty crappy plugs, you could get the
> >> same (Crappy) results by taking a pair of dikes and splitting the
> >> electrode of any plug.
> >Interesting....we didn't find that problem at all.....could it have had
> >something to do with the way the engine was tuned?
> Just FWIW, I have a friend who is a mechanical engineer and has
> built a very 'tricked' out (+300hp) 1984 Mustang SVO (hey, not
> everyone is perfect).  ;)   My friend decided to try out a set of
> Splitfires only to have the car run poorly (an understatement).  It
> seemed that in order for him to run with the splitfires he'd have
> to back the timing off a bit.  He also made his own 'splits' as
> Eric posted and they actually worked better than the Splitfires he
> had installed.  In short, the Splits might be good in NA cars, but
> I've heard more than a few people saying that they don't belong in
> a turbo car (let alone a mod'd turbo car).
> Just my .02   ;)
I have to admit that the we have only tried them in the NA cars......I
don't believe Ray put them in the Mitsubishi.....I'll have to ask him...
With a dream in my heart,