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Quattro 4000 Mods list

After much discussion with my race mechanic friend, here are the list of
mods we came up with for my newly purchased '85 Audi:

- Total service, replacing all broken/worn stuff
- Mill head to bump compression
- 3-angle valve job
- Open up intake tracks a little while we're in there
- extrude hone intake and exhaust
- performance exhaust system
- high voltage ignition system (race car prototype, we'll do it if it works)

Total cost (price of vehicle, all service, all mods): about $7500

Stock, my car makes 121hp.  This should bump it up to 170 or so with no
loss in drivability.  A better-than-new Audi 4kqcs for less than the price
of an '88 bimmer 3-series in as-is condition (what I was thinking of first)

As suggested by some in this list, we talked about putting in a 5000
engine.  It can be done, but it's a little tricky, and you lose the a/c
unless you get really creative.  Price would be around 3x what it's costing
me for this job, and stock 5000 turbo power isn't enough higher than 170 to
justify it.

Side note: I was wondering how the hell most people measure power on a full
time 4wd system???  I've never seen a four wheel chassis dyno -- they must
be relatively rare and pretty expensive, as they'd have to be adjustable
for wheelbase.  Or is there some trick to it?

Just thought you guys might be interested in what I'm doing here, or have
some suggestions for me.

--Pete, trembling with anticipation