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re: misc 93 90 questions (somewhat long & rambling)

With regards to the "missing fuses", radiator fan, I'm just as confused
as you.  Following your post, I opened my fuse box for the first time to
check things out (to my surprise, a code readout harness was included -
don't recall seeing that before) My 94 90csq features the following:

- Fuse No. 5 (high speed fan according to manual) is missing
- Fuse No. 20 (low speed fan) has a 15 amp fuse, manual specs 30 amp

Never had cooling problems, but what gives? I can think of only three

1)  Since your car has a slushbox, perhaps the tranny cooling imposes a
greater cooling load on the radiator which requires a higher speed fan?;

2)  Since my car is a California Car, its designed to run at higher
temps by virtue of a low-speed fan?; or,

3)  Those crazy Germans (or U.S. service mechs) don't know what the hell
they are doing.

Any body out there with input on subject?  

With regards to your post on replacing the rear brakes:  I wonder if the
ABS would be screwed up if you replace the brakes?  Maybe you could
replace the rear disk/caliper with a pair fit for the front (which are
larger).  Or keep brakes as is (they are pretty good) and get 15" 5
spokes Ronals from 92-95 90csq series - I think they look better than
the A4 5 spokes anyway.

Good luck, Siegfried