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breaking in my 88 90


It is with great pride and excitement that I share this news with the 

I've officially finished the recommended break-in period on my 88 90
as I've crossed the 200,000 mile mark.  It's nice to feel the engine
start to loosen up and really feel comfortable.  If I get another 
200-300 thousand miles out of this german beauty, I'll feel that I've
gotten my money's worth.  :)

Joking aside, I can't believe the pleasure I get every day out of 
driving this car.  It still looks modern, has all the creature comforts 
I could ask for and, above all, it's just plain fun to drive.

Four years ago, I paid 7k for a young, silver 90 with 75k on the clock. 
 At the time, other options would have been your typical 
accord-camry-626.  You make the call.  Since then, I've endured the 
"costs a lot to fix, don't it?" jeers of my peers, but all told, with 
what I've spent on this car, I could have bought a four year old accura 
legend back then.  I can tell you which I would prefer to DRIVE.

Here's to a well developed 5 cylinder engine!