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Avus model and Questions, and producition....

Hey all, i jsut got back from a trip home and i went to a sharper image, 
they had a really cool 1:18 scale Audi Avus, so i bought it.  Oh well, i 
am sure that you all know about it, by Revell...if you dont and i somehow 
stumbled onto something new, then i can give the part number if you 
want...oh well...

OK here are the questions/comments:
1. Can someone explain to me what the W-12 is...i picture it as 3 bancks 
of four cylinders, two like a normal "V" engine with the third being 
vertical...but i am most likely wrong...

2. What are the facts and figures on it...audi of brazil has it going 
340kph and 0-100kph in 3 seconds....is that true?? 

3.  The Avus was apparently a set of ten, at least that is what the guy 
from the sharper image told me...he seemed to knowa bit about it and told 
me that there is a woman living by that store that owns two of the 
ten...they were let go by audi at 1 mil a piece...i am beginning to think 
that it is true since there was a thread a few days ago stating that hte 
price was a mil and yadda, yadda, yadda..hehe...

anyway, if someone could helpo me with these things i would a[preciate 

Mike Williams