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Re: Audi V8 5 Speed Forsale

At 02:31 PM 4/28/97 +0000, John Karasaki wrote:
>At 10:51 PM 4/27/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>My local Audi Dealer in Portland, OR 
>>Sunset Audi has a  V8 with a 5 Speed,
>> 82 K miles listed for around $14K.
>>A month or so ago there was a V8 5 speed
>>for sale locally that smoked like a chimney
>>so buyer beware!
>>Their number is (503) 641-8600
>>Normal disclaimers apply
>>Scott M.
>If the car has only 82k miles, then it isn't the same smoking car.  Unless
>Sunset rolled back the odometer from 100k+ miles!  What an interesting
>coincidence, 2 V8 5-speeds for sale in PDX in as many months!
>John Karasaki
>Audi Quattro Fanatic
The Sunset 5-speed V8 is a '90, Titanium (Dark Silver-grey) in color.
Appears to have non-UFO brakes, to my untrained eye. The odometer says
forty-something miles; it was replaced a couple of years ago by the
previous owner. Very clean interior, and appears to have been completely
gone through by the dealership; even looks like they replaced the front
bumper cover. Price is quoted at $15,950, and they claim they don't dicker
unless the car has been on the lot quite a long time. Drawback (besides the
price) from my standpoint is the color and the fact that there are numerous
small chips, but not dents, in the doors (parking damage) and in the front
of the car (from the "sand" they use here on winter roads).