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Close call

	Yesterday morning I left my house in my 89' 80q to run a couple 
of errands. I'm cruising along at around 40-45 mph in the rain when I get 
to an intersection where I have the right of way (or at least I'm supposed to). 
Suddenly I notice the Red Cavalier to my left is not slowing down for the 
stop sign, and is on a collision course with my door. I downshifted to 
third, mashed the gas, and managed to steer abruptly to the right, and 
then back to the left to get back on course. This all happened in less 
than two seconds, and I have my quattro to thank for responding as well 
as it did in such slick conditions. I know for a fact that my old 325is 
would not have come out of that one so clean.
	This whole scenario reminded  of a time in 1986 where myself, nor 
the 86' 4000s I was riding in, were as fortunate. In that case, my friend 
decides she can pull across the 45mph road before that speeding Impala 
could get to us. She was wrong and we were t-boned so hard that the roof, 
and the opposite side of the 4000 were very badly warped. With that 
amount of impact, I thought the damage would have been worse, however, the 
entire passenger side only caved in about 14-16 inches. 
The Impala wishes it would have fared so well (and so does its driver). The 
front end of that thing was crushed to the windshield, and the engine 
went through the fire wall, crushing the driver's legs. Aside from a minor 
fracture where my head went through the passenger window, I was o.k, and 
so was my friend. It later turned out (skidmarks I guess), 
that the Impala was in excess of the speed limit; they determined it to 
be somewhere in the neighborhood of 55mph. As far as who was to blame, I 
stayed out of that one. That brings the number to two that I owe Audi, 
and a bonus point goes to quattro for keeping the second incident from 
becoming like the first. There will always be a space (or two) in my 
garage for Audis. Anyone know when the AVUS comes out?

89' 80q-120k and still counting, thankfully
86 Snaab 900 (hers) 190k, all original and refusing to die. I think it 
knows an Audi will take its place.