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Re: decals, domains, etc

Dan writes:
>Hang tight.  I'm in talks with AoA and trying to swing a 
>few things, so don't jump the gun yet.  I'll keep you

I've already corresponded privately with Dan, and will reiterate my
comments...this is Dan's list and I will only move ahead on a decal with
his blessing.

That having been said <g>, I will go ahead with this once Dan indicates
that everything is kewl. Depending on what happens with his discussions, I
may modify my proposed design...

...and I do thank all of you for your great ideas...my intention is to
offer a single design. It won't please everyone, for sure, and some of us
pre-q'ers will feel a *bit* uncomfortable putting a "q" designation on a
fwd car (like mine)...but that's okay. I've got a swedishbricks decal on my
Range...it sure is a brick, but it's not Swedish...

So, anyway, stay tuned. It looks like there's sufficient interest to move
ahead with a decal project, based on the number of emails I've already
gotten...but again, I won't make any final decisions until Dan and I talk

And yes, there are copyright issues with the Audi rings, and possibly the
quattro font. We'll stay away from violating any such laws...don't want you
guys pulled over by the DCI (Department of Copyright Infringement) and
subjected to needless strip searches.

So how about we take the decal thread private?

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