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4kQ Seat Replace Advice?

Hell all,

Any ideas on new or used seats to replace my broken-down stock 
4KQ seat(s)??  I've had the driver seat frame welded once, but 
last track day at Portland Int'l, it gave way again, allowing 
about 1" side to side slop (very disconcerting at high g's!).

Someone recommended Jetta 16V seats but the wrecker I talked to 
said they are way more expensive than even new momo seats.

I don't want a fixed position, pure racing seat 'cause I want 
reclining for street use/back comfort.  I want lots of thigh 
support as well as side bolsters, and a reasonable color scheme 
for the black/dark gray-green 4KQ interior.  Recaro? Momo? Some 
used audi seat that's stronger/better-bolstered?

What seats?  Price expectations?  Sources?


pls email reply also.  leigh_anderson@compuserve.com or