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Re: BTCC rounds 3 and 4

In a message dated 97-04-30 11:52:49 EDT, you write:

<< What's up? Does anyone have an opinion on this? Is AudiSport still
 developing the engine to give more power and overcome this weight penalty?
 Does anyone think that the very quick Renaults (Alain Menu winning his
 second race) can be beaten? The way Menu gained on a Ford Mondeo was
 embarrassing for Ford- the Mondeo looked like it was stationary. IMO, we
 can only hope for a very wet race at Thruxton next weekend to make the
 Audis show their advantage!

Audi midseason last year was forced to impose a weight penalty because Biela
was too fast, everyone else said.  So they got a 60 kg wieght penalty. When
he won, they said he was still 2 fast (even though he only won one race after
the penalty) and added weight.  Then, audi switched from the 2.0 5 cylinder
to the 20v 4 cylinder, which seemed like a good move.  But everyone
complained, and the engine got outlawed.  And next year awd is outlawed.  So
audi is screwed, and it really is stupid for them to run a 2wd car.  They've
always run quattros, to boost market sales, now at an all time high.  Why
would they stop running quattros?  It would seem silly.