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Re: 20V Turbo in 4000Q?

In a message dated 97-04-30 14:52:03 EDT, you write:

<< 260-275 HP with a ten valve motor? no problem, and still much
 cheaper.  I am not against the 20 V, really.  However, be
 aware that the MC motor with stock fuel system will support
 over 300 HP with only a inexpensive change to the computer and
 an adjustable waste gate controller.  20V motor costs more, 
 chips cost more, and you can get more than 300 HP.  Your choice, 
 just choose wisely. How fast do you want to go, and how much money 
 do you have?
Yeah, a V8 conversion will give you 260 hp with no mods.  Then add some
stuff.  Here comes 400HP!!!!!