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Re: 1.8 turbo Passat tuned by ABT

In a message dated 97-04-30 18:43:25 EDT, you write:

<< s I sit here waiting for my 1.8tqm, I have a question regarding what I
 think are [relatively] slow 0-60 times for tweaked 1.8ts.
 I remember reading about the ABT A41.8t in European Car, supposedly
 with 250hp, and scratching my head at the 6.5s 0-60 (or was it 100kph?)
 I would think that this car should be quite a bit quicker than this with
 250hp. I've also heard data on mid-7s 0-60 with the ~190hp "chip
 For instance, the US-spec M3 w/240hp is turning 0-60
 in ~5.9s. My Corrado SLC came very close to the 6.5s mark with
 178hp & FWD...
 Any thoughts? Is this due to the lack of low-end torque? Does the
 powerplant become "peaky" when boosted to this level? Is the 
 1.8t heavier than an M3?
 Scott Stiles
 scottst@microsoft.com >>

Well, you've got a couple of things here.  First off, the M3 is lighter than
the A4.  Second, you're SLC must have been modified, because even highly
modified vw's have problems hitting 60 in 6.5 due to lack of traction.  Stock
is just over 7 seconds for the GTI VR6, which only has 6 hp less and is
roughly the same weight.  The Abt car, as we discussed prior to this
conversation, was geared for midrange responce and high speed, as the 175 mph
top speed testifies (the car only had a 5 speed, stock unit with a different
final drive.)  The A4 just has a lot of weight to overcome, and the
incredible grip off the line bogs the engine down to some extent.  It's
similar to the 4000 vs the coupe.  The 4000 has more power and grip, but the
coupe is faster.  Why?  Although the 4000 may make up ground after, say 30
mph, the initial burst from the coupe up to 25 can not be overcome to 60 mph.
 A while back, Car and Driver ran a GMC Syclone pickup against a Ferrari
348tb in a 1/4 mile shootout.  Guess who one.  The pickup.  Why?  Because the
initial burst off the line to 60 miles per an hour was more than the Ferrari
could make up.  And it was making up ground fast.  I believe the truck lead
by 3 car lengths at 60, and barely 1 car length at 1/4 mile.  I hope I've
answered some of your questions....

Carter Johnson
86 4000CS quattro
86 Coupe GT (FS)
86 GTI