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RE: Qlist directory

Hi Darin -

I like your thinking about a q-list directory by state, country, etc.  My only thought to make it more acceptable would be to make each data component strictly voluntary.  For example, some might be comfortable giving name, home address, phone number, etc., while others may only want to list their state (and/or city) and e-mail address (who knows? .... we all have our own comfort zone).  

I also like making  photo(s) of car(s) optional for much the same reason.  In my own case, I'd be happy just to know who on the q-list lives in Colorado and the few other states I occasionally travel to, and have some way (any way) of getting in touch with them to link up for an event or just share a drink or a meal and talk Audis.  Actually, I would find the q-list in its present form much more useful and entertaining if everyone who posts would indicate the city or state they live in.

I'm not very sophisticated about computers and the internet, but if I can help you in some way to start a directory, count me in.

Cheers -

Gary Bracken
Lakewood (Denver), CO
'87 4kcsq