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Re: new dimensions turbo,NOS

I think that it is nice to remember such times this way, but I can't 
possibly see how a stock Rabbit (with NOS) could do such things. Firstly, 
there is the traction thing. A FWD car unloads its drive wheels so much 
that it is very hard to make them very fast. A 1980 Rabbit would probably 
do 0-60 in 12-13 seconds, a '80 GTI, maybe 9-10. Maybe... Secondly, I 
think that the power increases with nitrous systems are way over 
exaggerated. I think more often than not, the NOS switch acts as 
ammunition for bragging rights or as an aphrodisiac. Just my opinions 
mind you. I remember the old days pretty much the same way...


>I knew a kid that threw a nitrous kit from a Chevy onto his rabbit, 1980
>type.  Kids in all sorts of "high performance" machines would pull up 
>next to him and laugh at the car (it looked exactly like a 1980 rabbit 
>looks today). THey would boot it from the light, and he would accelerate 
>in first gear, then hit the button, and 2 gears later couldn't see them 
>anymore.  The car must have done 0-60 in under 6 seconds, and would 
>probably turn a quarter mile at redline in 4th gear  Unfortunatly, 
>through no fault of his own, the car was destroyed.  He laughed as they 
>took it away.  The Mustang crowd gave a big sigh of relief that their 
>ene,y was finally dead.