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some questions

I am new to the Quattro list and although I have admired Quattros for a
long time I have not yet owned one (still in graduate school...). I
recently looked at a 1987 4000 Quattro which I am considering purchasing
and would welcome any advice or suggestions.
	The car has 98,000 miles and unfortunately the dealer selling it
(not an Audi dealer) has no service records. I have heard stories of this
model being very durable but would a car with this mileage and no history
be an unreasonable risk? Having looked the car over carefully it seems to
have been very well taken care of, has no rust or any visible wear or
abuse. A few things under the hood (brake master-cylinder, hoses, FI lines,
some wires) look too clean and new to be original but that is just guessing
on my part. Does anyone know of any particular things I could check on the
car for signs of repair/replacement or not?
	When I drove the car one thing I noticed was that the clutch pedal
required a lot of effort; is this normal for this car or might it indicate
something about the state of the clutch?
	Thanks for your advice and suggestions, and I look forward to
participating in the Quattro list.

Matthew A. Cenzer
Department of History
Northwestern University