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new A4 question: sport package

I'm getting a new A4 soon; I just called up CarBargains yesterday to
start the process. If the dealers in the area have '97 models lying
around configured the way I want them at enough of a discount, I might
go with the 97. But as you might expect, I am pretty excited about the
new 30V engine, so will get a '98 if possible (and if the cost premium
isn't too high).

I am still unsure about the sport package, though. On first blush it
sounds great, as suspension is an area that always seems to need work in
passenger cars. And it definitely is a bargain. But in terms of final
quality, would the listers prefer going with aftermarket springs etc (at
substantially higher cost), or is the performance of the OEM sport
suspension package good enough? I'm particularly interested in hearing
from 30V owners with and without the sport package.