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Opinion for 91 200 Quattro


I am not a member of the Quattro list yet but I happened to come across a 
91 200 Quattro the past weekend while I was shopping for my next car. 
This car looks in very good shape. It is owned by a VW/Audi dealer sales 
person. This is the dealer where I purchased my 94 Jetta VR6 which I sold 
it a year ago. The car has 76k miles and the UFO brakes plus all the 
belts were changed a year ago. He is asking 12,500 for the car but my 
major concern is the future repair cost for the 200 TQ. 91 200 TQ owners, 
can you please provide some feedback on your ownership experience (types 
of problem and repair costs). I really hope to be a Quattro owner and 
join this mailing list.

	Thank You
	David Tong