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Re: Opinion for 91 200 Quattro

Thanks for every one who replied to my original message. One of the 
replies stated I should see 1.8 bar on the turbo when accelerate hard in 
3rd gear. I drove the car again today and I was only seeing 1.6 bar in 
third gear. Do you think it could be possible that the reading can be 
-.2 incorrect? The car has a leaky crank seal but the guy said it is OK 
with this car and change the original seal will actually make things 
worst. He said this is what an Audi master mechanic told him. Do you 
think he is BS or it is the fact? If everything goes well I should be a 
proud Quattro owner by Fri.

One thing I don't like about the car is the soft suspension. I will 
change the shocks with some aftermarket ones and the springs will stay 
since I really want to retain the ride height and I don't know of any 
performance springs that don't lower the car.