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A4 1.8tqs manual experiences...

Hey, gang, my father sent me this.  Sounds like the car is returning his
driving style back to the old maniacal VW Beetle days.   :)

  1. High RPM's at cruise (3300 @ 80MPH) but we knew nothing can compare
     to my Coupe.  Will need to get that 6th gear aftermarket upgrade.
  2. Adam gave me the nose bra @ N/C for my extra wait .. approx $100 item.
     No other concession although I asked for a cheaper price on the
     CD changer.
  3. Shifting is notchy.  Smooth but definitely notchy.
  4. STOPS GREAT!  I'm now a believer in 4 wheel disc brakes!
  5. I see how that other guy said you can be doing 90 in the rain and
     see how that other guy said you can be doing 90 in the rain and
     not know it .. I found myself doing 75 on I-95 and thinking I was
     only doing 55.
  6. Pink radiator fluid, not to be mixed with 'the green kind'.  I need
     to talk to the service manager to understand this better.
  7. No MOBIL/1 at the dealer, but he will do the 7500 mile changes for me
     if I bring it in.  Asked if Porsche was using it, he said yes, but
     they (Champion) don't have it .. yet.
  8. Dealer doesn't have the repair manual yet .. asked them to order it
     for me.
  9. Cup holder is nice .. first time I've had one ..

That's all for now .. more as I form impressions.

 1. The car has too much engine noise over 3000 RPM's while crusing.
    Since I cruise at 80MPH (3600 RPM's) I definitely need that 6th gear.
 2. Looked at the Audi video last night .. learned a lot of neat stuff,
    like being able to roll up the windows while locking the car with the
 3. Antilock brake works!  Inadvertantly engaged it while showing Ken &
    Valerie how good the brakes were last night.
 4. Corners GREAT!  I may have to get more aggressive in my driving just
    to be able to enjoy it!


'85 Coupe GT, mine  :-)
'87 Coupe GT, brother's
'82 Coupe, ???
'97 A4 1.8tqs 5-spd, Bamboo, father's  (first quattro in the family!)
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