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Re: A4 1.8tqs manual experiences...

At 03:39 PM 5/7/97 -0500, you wrote:

>  1. High RPM's at cruise (3300 @ 80MPH) but we knew nothing can compare
>     to my Coupe.  Will need to get that 6th gear aftermarket upgrade.

That has not bothered me much, but I guess that is b/c compared to my 80
auto which seemed to need a 6th as well as 7th gear..

>  2. Adam gave me the nose bra @ N/C for my extra wait .. approx $100 item.
>     No other concession although I asked for a cheaper price on the
>     CD changer.

Wow, That's great! I got nothin' : (

>  3. Shifting is notchy.  Smooth but definitely notchy.

I've decided to look at it more positively. It's not "notchy", just "very

>  7. No MOBIL/1 at the dealer, but he will do the 7500 mile changes for me
>     if I bring it in.  Asked if Porsche was using it, he said yes, but
>     they (Champion) don't have it .. yet.

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