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Importation: What are the Possibilities

	Doing some investigation on grey marketing cars, someone emailed me this


	Among Audis one of the other cars on the list is the 1988 Rally Golf. It's
a G60 Syncro Golf. I am guessing it was allowable because the Golf 2 door
had been legalized as well as the G60 engine, thus somewhat importable.
	The listing for BMW, Porsche and MB are very extensive, but audi and VW
are very short. Imagine the possibilities if someone had some Audi
interest. If the theory goes that as long as the engine and the body model
have been federalized (crash tested, emissions etc) then you may be able to
import the following under such conditions.

1985+ TQC (both the 10 and 20V engines were federalized as was the Coupe
S2 Sedan and Coupe (both the 90 sedan, coupe and 20V turbo engines are
S6 plus (the S6 and the 4.2L have been legalized)

Imagine the possibilities. I'd imagine there'd be exhaust fabrication
involved, as well as installation of US bumpers, but otherwise an
independently wealthy Audi owner could import such a vehicle fairly easily
if I'm not missing anything here (I bet I am). Still it might be possible
given the information and using the Rally Golf as a model situation.
	So let's see. What if one were to import an S2 coupe and ship it down to
Joe Hoppen and had it set up to RS2 spec. Hubba Hubba-G